Year of the Horse

With the Lunar New Year upon us, the Year of the Horse represents so much opportunity. Horses are seen as energetic creatures who can be very adventurous. They’ll charge forth with blazing speed, using the momentum of past and present ideas. Those adventures you had thought about will come into fruition sooner than you think…

This coincides with many of our new year resolutions and goals. “I want a promotion.” “I plan to get fit and healthy.” “I’m going to travel more.” Sound familiar? It’s exciting to be able to ride the momentum of these ideas; so easy to gain support from friends and family; you’ll charge forth with blazing speed, high on endorphins. But don’t forget to live in the present moment. Sometimes you’ll find that you are so focused on the goals you set for yourself, that you miss out on opportunities that could have yielded other possibilities.

So charge forth with energetic enthusiasm, but remember to breathe in between those moments. Catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eye, and maybe relish in the thought of what-if. And then make those “ifs” into “dos” into “done.” If your primary goals are so strong to begin with, you’ll always find your path back to them in your journey.

~Nasmaste~ BC

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