What is spirituality?

We all ask ourselves at some point, “Why are things the way they are?” What drives the forces of nature and where did we come from? Some study the model of science or medicine; some believe in God; some believe in The Universe. Regardless of the explanation you apply, here is a reason for why we practice SPIRITUALITY.

You could study things at the atomic level, zooming in on the relationships between sub-atomic particles and their infinite results. You could even zoom out to the expansive universe, containing many multiple galaxies, all pulling one another towards greater masses – this ever changing blob of energy. But neither of them are very functional in our daily reality, especially when it comes to making decisions. We can observe these relationships through our five sense, and with modern tools, measure these things through a particular lens we understand (i.e. quantifiable). What is missing, though, is the REAL YOU

Once you introduce yourself to these observations, our inherent nature likes to place judgement on these situations. This vicious cycle is what prompts our suffering, and continues to pull you away from your true self. So you might ask, “What is your true self?” Many philosophies will say your true self is your ONE-ness or unity with the universe. Many religions will say GOD or your unity with GOD.

While people can debate which belief is right, the common theme, though, falls back to the relationship that you have with a broader idea: something outside of your SELF. This forces you to contemplate your role within this world. If you choose to stay within the facade of observation using your five senses, you’ll likely continue to place judgements to those situations and feed your own suffering. Consider what happens once the “shininess” of your ego fades, and the situation changes…

If you seek a reality with less suffering – enter spirituality. Spirituality isn’t made up of the woo-woo ideas of fairies and magic, but merely the feelings you have once you understand the reasoning of your heart. Spirituality gives you purpose to not just experience, but also hold space for other’s experiences of the heart. Once you can feel, unabashed, you can connect to your true self without the judgements of yourself and others driving your actions. And henceforth, work to allow the same for others in your community.

Spirituality = Root Feelings + Compassion

Once you truly feel from the heart, given the freedom to experience that which isn’t judged, can you then see what is the essence of our nature.