Is a perceived void the same thing as emptiness?

Inherently, a “VOID” implies that it is something to fill. Until it is filled with something, it won’t be whole and will not be satiated. We think of VOIDs to be black holes that suck everything in with no idea if it will ever close.

This desire is a misinterpretation, as a VOID is a false perception. A VOID is simply another label applied by your ego to an idea that you are not whole. If you seek the external world to fill yourself, or even practice mindfulness with the intent of bringing more awareness to the internal self – as long as there is a container to fill, you will suffer.

“If I practice yoga, I will be more spiritual, and that spirit will make me more whole than others who don’t.”

“If I make lots of money and have an ascending career, I will be valued more than those with less.”

“If I travel the world, I will have more experiences, and those experiences will make me more whole than others.”

“If I have more friends, my social equity will rise, and I will feel full of love.”

No matter what you are filling that container with, it will not sustain itself, and thus your desires will never dissipate. Until you remove the container – the label – will emptiness truly set in, and your perceptions will find clarity.

AUM Namah Shivaya ~ Bryant

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