So when I think of “Reflections” I immediately jump to the idea of Mulan – for those of us who grew up with Disney. “Who is that [girl/boy] I see, staring straight back at me?”

This week we’re focusing quite a bit on Manipura, the 3rd Chakra, which focuses on our sense of self. The 7 Chakras of the body tend to be cyclical in nature, and we constantly find ourselves back in reflection, asking, “Who am I?” And I believe this to be a very healthy attitude. Why not reflect on new experiences and life changes to redefine, “Who am I?”

Take time to constantly go through these questions, and you may find that over time, your answers change:

– What are my likes & dislikes?

– Do my desires still serve me and my community?

– Do I practice what I believe?

– How do I feel about these choices?

Use these questions to help guide you through times when you feel lost. Introspection is an important skill that will help you to discover the WHY to your attachments. It may give you opportunities to make the first step to also work towards removing your suffering.

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