Prana Management

Have you ever had a day when you’re exhausted past the point of return? You collapse onto your couch or bed and quickly drop into your REM cycles…

Consider that this all has to do with your fuel, your prana (energy) and you just missed the gas station for a refuel, your engine puttering to a halt. You’re stuck in the middle of the road and aren’t productive in your environment. It’s important to understand what activities you participate in that affect your fuel gauge…

Prana Charging Activities:
Sleep, nap time, food, meditation, social interactions (depends on the parties involved), (some) physical activities

Prana Succubus:
Work, social interactions (depends), putting too much on your plate, (some) physical activities, sporadic schedules, stress, poor diet

…Just to name a few. There are obviously many other things and variables that contribute to your energetic levels.

The reason why this came up for me, was that I was self reflecting upon the last week I had, where I crashed and burned. After going through my entire week in my head, I realized that I had unintelligently stretched myself too thin. I was running on fumes, but realized these were also all choices I had made for myself. Knowing and understanding where you have a choice to set a boundary for yourself is important. With a little self restraint, you’ll be able to endure life without the typical crashes we all have tendencies towards.

So know when to accelerate through life, but also know when to recharge.

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