Practice is of Theory

A response to one of my students who had a question regarding yoga asana, kirtan, meditation and whether or not they could sustain themselves without the need of theory from the sutras, scriptures, etc…

Bryant_0149 1 copyPractice is of theory…
Sutra 1.13 Tatra sthitau yatno bhyasah
Sutra 1.14 Sa tu dirgha kala nairantarya satkara asevito drdha bhumih

Practice is effort towards removing citta vrtti (turning of the mind – misperceptions). Practice is grounded when continued frequently with devotion.

Your karmic actions are unrelated to the derivative outcomes of your job. Karma, as you plant a seed through action(s), will germinate through its path, unless disrupted with alternative intentions, and will result in experiences that may not be directly related to your cognitive interpretation of “root action.”

It is in theory that our practice of yoga (in all its limbs) helps us to move past our kleshas and in this case, your attachment to expectations. It is in the acknowledgement of experience, that you remove your suffering. Asana is a somatic practice that can help us to focus our thoughts to achieve a place of mindfulness, in order to navigate our misperceptions. Even your expectation that asana is a direct experience to conscious peace and well being is a misperception, as it’s still a projection of your mind.

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