Moments To Pause

This week has been about slowing down for me, and I’ve been using that theme in all my classes. Prior weeks we’ve been working on building strength with ease to promote growth. We mixed in building subtle and not-so-subtle connections to both our community and ourselves. So this week, we work to harness everything that we’ve learned this past month.

Slow down, take a breath and pause for a moment. Bring awareness to EVERYTHING around you, inside of you, and the potential for things that haven’t quite presented themselves to you.

To deepen one’s practice can be scary, and to do so with ease requires vulnerability within yourself. You have to trust that you’ll be able to handle whatever comes up. Many of us have tendencies to avoid these unruly situations only to be pulled back to them in a cyclical manner. What do you don’t face and resolve now will only come back to “haunt” you later in life. So why not now? Why not take a moment to pause?

1. Pause to take a breath.

2. What is this moment for you?

3. Why do you feel this way?

4. Take time to make deliberate actions.

5. How have you grown from this?

Repeat as often as possible: In your asana practice, your meditation practice, and off the mat.

~Namaste~ BC

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