Misguided Anger

A friend and I were discussing the desires of anger, and the pros and cons to that subject. As expected, the list is heavy on the cons, as there isn’t as much to be “happy” about.

My thoughts on anger stemming from our bodies, and why it sometimes is harder NOT to be angry:

“I would agree that some people are misguided with their focus. Consider the nervous system. Anger, falling into the sympathetic, will tear down the body (catabolic) and you will release a lot of prana. Misguided, though, is the interpretation of the adrenaline rush in parallel, which many people may think is being “alive!” I think many people find this easier to access than focusing their energies towards more passive, anabolic, parasympathetic systems to heal your body and mind. So for people who are lacking more body awareness, they are often not keen to the subtle differences of true passion/compassion versus a catabolic hormone release that is intended for our “survival” from much bigger predators.”

So why do you feel anger? Could there be a different way to express your feelings?

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