“Just Give Me A Reason”

I was listening to the radio the other day and came across one of P!nk’s songs: “Just Give Me A Reason.” Embarrassingly, I’ve already added this to my playlist, and I’ve listened to this song at least 19 times according to iTunes. I love the melody, but I think what has caused this song to go on repeat, is how the lyrics apply to all of us…

Most songs today fall into certain categories that fall into the daily lives of us all. In particular, this one is about love, relationships, and opportunities. Break down this powerful prose from P!nk, “Just give me a reason; just a little bit’s enough.” And the following sung by Nate Ruess, “Your head is running wild again; my dear we still have everything; and it’s all in your mind.”

1.2 Yogas Cittas Vrtti Nirodhah (Yoga stops how the mind turns)

The above line comes from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. Yoga has been digested, spoken about, and vigorously discussed for centuries, so I won’t belabor this post with philosophy, but the gist of this introduction is to lay the foundation that how we perceive and interpret our world is all subjectively coming from us (ourselves). Perception is reality; however, we must also realize that we might be living in a distorted reality (created by us) and our choices may lead to suffering.

“Just give me a reason; just a little bit’s enough.”

Do you go around looking for external opportunities or reasons to make a decision? It’s definitely easier to move down a certain path when someone else is giving space for you to move. Consider where the impetus is coming from, though. Do you wish to always be lead by another’s actions, or is this something that you might be able to enable on your own? A change in your mindset to lead with your own initiatives and desires could be very empowering, as long as you understand that you also cannot have attachments to your decisions. Complicated, huh? You can decide to make a choice, but you also must be okay if it doesn’t turn out the way you expected, otherwise you’ll end up suffering the unanticipated outcome.

“Your head is running wild again; my dear we still have everything; and it’s all in your mind.”

This hits home with me. When my mind races and I also project a lot of expectations into my life, I set myself up for suffering versus success. Sometimes things bend in my favor, but the more I hold onto attachments, the more I tend to disappoint myself. You have everything you need in your life, as long as you hold that happiness and acceptance in your mind. Jai~!

~Namaste~ BC

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