Home Practice

What is a home practice? It’s exactly what it sounds like: a practice at home. Many students have asked me what I do during this practice, and if it’s any different from what I practice in the studio. To that question, “Yes” and “No.”

At home, I’ve created a space in my living room where I have an altar, large yoga mat and sitting area for me to practice asana and meditate upon. Similar to a studio. I think it’s important to designate a space within your home that has a specific intention that surrounds itself. Just like, when I’m at my desk, I’m working; when I’m in the kitchen, I’m cooking and eating food. Making physical space for yourself in your home is just as important as holding space within yourself when it comes to internalizing and developing a stronger connection. Lay the foundation for silence, and you will seek silence. Lay the foundation for chaos, and you will be surrounded by distraction.

My ASANA practice at home consists of HATHA, RESTORATIVE, and VINYASA (mostly surya namaskaras) for warmup. Here’s a preview:

Pranayama (Breath Work)
Surya Namaskaras (Sun Salutations)
Standing Poses & Twists
Inversions & Arm Balances
Supine Variations

All in all, pretty simple, but it’s the consistency and depth that I spend within each posture that matters. So why do I practice HATHA and RESTORATIVE?

HATHA allows me to slow down and bring more awareness to the subtle body
HATHA doesn’t have the cadence of a flow, and I’m less prone to acute injury
RESTORATIVE is one of the most efficient ways to engage your parasympathetic nervous system so that you might rest, digest and heal.
RESTORATIVE sets a different intention than vigorous asana and provides an alternative practice for your body and mind. Understanding the differences can allow you to deepen into each facet further.
VINYASA feeds my EGO. I love the transitions; I love the strength involved; I love the tie to one’s breath. Would you consider these distractions? Maybe that’s why I practice VINYASA in public studios…

…it appears I have some work to do

~Namaste~ BC

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