Yoga & Epilepsy

Seated PrayerAs a yoga practitioner who lives with epilepsy, I have found that my own practice has helped me through the good and especially the bad times regarding seizures, medication dosage, and all of the other imbalances this neurological disorder can cause.

If epilepsy is something you live with and are curious to see how a yoga practice could positively impact your life, please read my articles. I am not stating that a yoga practice can remove all symptoms of epilepsy or that I am more knowledgeable than your neurologist. I can, however, reflect on my own experiences to help guide you through this therapeutic practice. I believe that yoga should be accessible to all students regardless of the severity of their condition, which is why I consult with students individually and develop a tailored approach.

You’ll potentially find…

  • MORE Body awareness
  • MORE Acceptance
  • MORE Stress reduction
  • MORE Mindfulness
  • MORE Mental and physical resiliency

Some students have been able to…

  • REDUCE the frequency of seizures
  • REDUCE their medication dosage

Yoga will bring more prana (energy) into your world. Join our community, and give yourself an opportunity to live differently!

Articles Available For Download

Yoga & Epilepsy (Understanding Epilepsy)

Yoga-ing Through Epilepsy (A Candid Journey With Yours Truly)