Health & Wellness

Kale & CoffeeAs a yogi, I try to find some balance in life, but also recognize that when it comes to creating a sustainable routine that fits both my lifestyle desires and nutritional needs, they can be at odds with one another. The hardest part is finding out what works for you in your current situation. I’ve provided a few resources that cover the spectrum from food recipes to personal experiences to neurology.

I’ve written a couple articles regarding epilepsy, which I encourage you to explore if that is also a common theme in your life. I know how tough it can be to live with something that isn’t entirely (medically) understood nor has a lot of social acceptance in the community. Just know that there are others who have seen changes over time.

Our household tends not to eat dairy, garlic or onions (alliums) for health reasons, and I’ve started to share our “secret” recipes for tasty consumption. Let me know what you think and if you have any culinary feats to share with the community.