Assisting #2As I sit in my local cafe, contemplating my next post, certain ideas are immediately drawing me to write.

This past week has had a lot in the media: SCOTUS’ ruling on Hobby Lobby, the World Cup, tons more around basic civil rights, etc… Whatever happened to the idea behind equanimity? Are people these days so callous that they have to impose their rigid ideas on others?

So I think back to recent talks I’ve had with friends and loved ones around growth. Where does growth come from? And when you get down to it, growth comes from overcoming adversity. Apply this to the many bigoted people and the people that are being affected by their oligarchic decisions, and you could potentially have double growth! Think about it… How hard would it be for someone to change their disposition towards another group they have been bread to hate? It’s pretty damn hard, but imagine the amount of growth they would experience if their compassion could rise up to that level! Mirror your empathy to the admonished, and their tenacity through all of this oppression – their growth stems from holding compassion for those who are less than educated, and their continued fight for basic rights live on passionately.

Apply this to the World Cup, your relationships, just about any situation… And you’ll find that through our constant neglect and/or cynical views – the change that we make towards creating positive bonds ushers us through more growth.

No games, no lies, just love.

~Namaste~ BC

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